My latest update to my realistic survival game.

Below are two game jam games, one for the Rainbow Hospice charity and the other an Easter game jam.

A fan project for the Star Trek Adventures RPG by Modiphius Entertainment. I’m creating an app that would allow players to connect over the internet and play the RPG with a digital character sheet, along with a chat box functionality and dice rolling. I have a fully implemented UI system, along with saved data and chat system. I have now moved into tidying up and debugging this current phase for testing.

I hope to put the project to Modiphius for publishing permissions once it is in a strong working state.

Below is my previous Unreal 4 project.

Above is a flythrough video and below are a few videos showing some prototype work and the soundtrack for one of my more recent projects using Unreal 4. The game is very story driven with influence coming from Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Players take on the role of a being that descends from the stars and finds itself on Earth. Their is no Humans around only floating ethereal entities that tell pieces of a story as the players collects them. This is only a demo level so their is only one enemy, but the enemy represents the opposite of the player in colour, sound and movement.

The story plays on the idea of good versus bad, light versus dark and tries to get plays to think about these and that sometimes shades of grey are much more common than right or wrong. The story would progress as the player ascends the levels of the hotel they are in, with it climaxing with a twist that all along you have been ‘collecting’ the souls of Humans. Though you haven’t been saving them but taking them and actually the ‘enemy’ was there to protect the souls from you.

There was some nice mechanics of a flying player that I created from scratch along with a radial blast that would open doors and dissolve enemies. The soundtrack was inspired by games such as Flower.