Cosplay Adventure Begins

So for a long while I have wanted to get into prop making and cosplay. This is one of the reasons I built my 3d printer to make small parts and props (along with other things :-D).


So the first costume I’m going to try and make is a starship troopers mobile infantry uniform/armour. I know this may seem like a big project to start on, but it seemed to me I could get away with quite a bit and also it will let me try out a few different techniques.

I’m very excited to get started so let me share my current progress.


I started with plenty of research on the Web and then sketched out a design that is almost identical other than slight alterations that should make it easier to make.

Then I moved onto cutting out some templates, I didn’t really want to use cardboard but it’s all I had for now. So this may be my first trial and error situation.


Once I had my basic outline finally sorted I cut it all out measured it up to my body with a bit of slack for the costume underneath. Hopefully it will fit (virtual fingers crossed).


I then continued to measure and mark out the positions of the additional pieces that must be added to add detail.

So the next stage will be to cut out all the details and glue them on to the main piece. Hope you found this interesting, I will keep posting as the project progresses.


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