Recomputed Play Destiny Alpha

Hey all,

Apologies for such a gap between posts, we have had a few crazy weeks at Reload Games with a break in a few weeks ago and then loads of work with the local police to sort it all out and of course get restocked up.

Luckily we got off fairly lightly and our amazing customers soon helped us get stocked back up, so a big shout out to all our friends for helping the shop out you guys are great!

Anyway in the midst of the crazy few weeks we had E3 and tons of new stuff was announced and showed off etc. We decided that Recomputed didn’t need to add on top of the already huge pile of E3 reality news and videos so just skipped that week. Obviously it was also partly to do with what happened at the shop and hopefully soon we will be getting back into the Weekly Roundup videos.

The main thing we took away from E3 and my staying up till 4am to watch it, was that Destiny looked amazing and we were all really excited for it. So imagine our enjoyment when we received some Alpha codes from our suppliers (I may have jump up and down most of the afternoon on Friday).

So we all managed to get a good few hours of play time on Destiny over the weekend and I actually streamed an hour or so I think on Twitch, but as you can see I have attached a very short clip of me playing (I know it’s not the greatest video ever, but I thought something was better than nothing).

I absolutely loved my time in Destiny and while talking to a customer the following week she hit on the perfect fusion to describe this game, Halo meets Borderlands. This describes it so well the art style and general gameplay match very closely to that of Borderlands, with the in depth yet aimed skill trees and tons of equipment options. Though you always get that feeling of it being a bit heavier and more fluid, if your a veteran Halo fan (of the original series by Bungie) then you will recognise the jump, reload and melee animations and their feel.

All in all this is a beautiful game and plays beautiful, the social aspect is great and will be an intergral part, but it did still feel like you could spend time on your own and not miss out on too much. If you ever played Defiance another MMOFPS then you will know what I mean as it is very similar to that.

There is some niggles and gripes with the game. One big one was how fast mobs respawn, if you kill a group of enemies then wait for a friends for what felt like 30 seconds at the most the mobs will respawn right next to you and you will have to do that fight all over again. I understand that this is because it is an online game and it needs to always be there for the next set of players to come through, but this was ridiculously fast and in my opinion the enemies shouldn’t spawn while there are PCs in the area. Other than that major annoyance I felt the game was very stable with some lag spikes and graphical errors here and there, but you had to look pretty hard to find these.

The final issue I have is with the MMO part of the game, I always associate that with an open world that can be explore and socialized in, but this game seemed (in the alpha anyway) to have a hub world where all the merchants etc, are, then a travel screen to move between areas and then each area was separate. This made the game feel more like a run of the mill shooter with specific levels and areas, but with loads of players doing those same things. I hope this is simple just the alpha section of the game and that we will see more open world in the later stages, but if in Defiance (which I think is one of the closest comparisons) I can hop on my ATV and drive from one end of the world to the other and that takes me the best part of half an hour then why can’t Bungie do this as well.

So to sum up this is a beautiful game with fantastic formulas taken from games we all love, and as long as they solve some of the simple issues this will be a fantastic game. Though for me this game would become one of the all time best games if they could make it more open world and less linear level based FPS thrown into a MMO setting.

Stay tuned for more posts, I’ve got a few Cosplay updates and a Paranormal Investigations post to come!
– Ollie

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