How-To: Elder Scrolls Online Beta – Certificate issues in Wine on Ubuntu

One of our friends from the shop was kind enough to give us a friend code he got for participating in the Elder Scrolls Online Beta.

I used this code last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it along with making my first gameplay video of it,    ([youtube]

One issue was getting it running in Wine ( on Ubuntu, yes I know it’s designed for Windows, but some of us just enjoy the grief of trying to play Windows games on Linux.

I ran into some issues with opening the launcher, in the form of a “Certiciate Authentication Failed” error message. After trawling the Wine forums for help I found a link to Internetz blog ( with a solution.

Simply follow the commands he lays out and you will soon be updating and downloading the latest update and be ready to play in a few long hours.

Stay tuned for some more videos and articles.


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