Recomputed go Ghost Hunting with NewarkAPS


Most of you probably won’t know, but in our spare time away from all things tech and gaming (which is very minimal) we are all also avid Paranormal Investigators. We do many small cases as private investigations, we have done a few public ones as well, but time doesn’t allow for such preparation at the moment. I know this doesn’t exactly fit into the rest of this blogs contents, but it seemed like something people might like to know so here you go.

Though the other night two of us did manage to get together and go and visit a friends shop to do a little investigation. I had been here before solo and experienced some very intriguing EMF spikes on the K2 meter and some unusual light play from a corner which contained an electricity meter (see images below).



My first port of call was to check out that meter and i was amazed to find that the meter has no lights or LEDs on it what so ever, so this validated for me the lights I saw in this corner, though sadly there is no physical evidence of this.

We quickly moved onto a sweep of the building with the K2 and found no spikes at all. This building is very old so has minimal wires and when there are wires they are on show to not damage the buildings structure. Even the electricity meter in the corner was giving nothing off, it was obviously well shielded.

As soon as I passed the K2 to my friend (who is female) she got a hit in one specific area. I asked her to continue her secondary sweep of the building and she found nothing so we came back to the first hit. It went off again, so we initiated all the procedure for checking for any other possible sources, there was nothing the spot was in the middle of the room next to a wooden table with no meter readings anywhere around it.

k2-1 k2

We left the meter on said table, but nothing occurred. While I was filming i said “I bet if I stop filming something will happen”, sure enough when I stopped rolling the K2 went off, luckily I quickly hit it back onto rolling and started to catching it lighting up. It light up constantly staying at the orange LED for long periods then dropping away and soon rising back. We started questioning and it seemed to have a playful response, but nothing clear.

Again I attempted to debunk this by putting all our devices near the K2 and holding it myself, but nothing set it off until I put it back down and moved away.

k2-2hide n seek

We started to develop the idea that perhaps this was a child’s energy, as the K2 wouldn’t go off if held higher than the table and wouldn’t go off if myself or Ray were near it. Though it would when my female friend was near by.

Suddenly as it started the hits stopped and we waited, but nothing returned so we tried in some other areas of the building. I had been using the voice recorders and listening for EVPs during these events, but nothing had really come through.


Until I heard a slight hum, that seemed to come from the original hot spot. So we went back over and this time I tried to take away any fear of myself or the equipment and as you can see below the K2 lit up with me close by. Sadly the second picture below is not quite in focus, but you can see there is no LEDs on even with the recording devices and my phone (which was on Air plane mode) near by.

emf1 emf

As  you will see in the video above our night vision failed on us, but you can see the LEDs lighting up and staying on. You will also hear the two strange sounds that lead us back to the original hot spot. Make of the EVPs as you will, but something very interesting happened with the K2 meter and as such a further investigation is planned. Next time with a full IR video rig monitoring the whole building and a few more investigators.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Ghostly goings on and hopefully I will have more to share in the future.



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