Cosplay Adventures #3

Final post for the day is a quick update on my Cosplay armours I’m making.

My Starship Troopers armour is now one fourth complete (other than painting etc.), the mould for the back plate is also ready to be latexed and tomorrow I’m hoping to get both the front and back bottom plate moulds ready as well.



Progress is good on the ST armour.


I have also started on a Master Cheif Mjolnir Mark VI armour from the original Halo games.

i started this after I found Pepakura ( ¬†online, it’s a great piece of software that turns 3D models into cut out and fold papercraft models.

For cosplay this is amazing and so I am slightly modifying it to make it straight out of foam, so far so good, but I need to get a bit further into it to be sure it’s going to come out alright.


The plan is if it turns out decent when complete then I will tidy and clean it up then PVA glue the whole thing to give it almost a priming and to give a more shiny one layer to the whole thing. This will then allow either fibreglass or resin coating which will then make it hard and look more like a solid armour.

That’s the theory anyway, stay tuned for more updates.


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