Home made Game: Galaxy of Myth (working title)

Hi all I wanted to do a post today about one of the board games I have been developing for a while now.


As a little background, I have been developing a Fantasy world for years called Myth, the world has a couple of short stories I have written set in it, along with a few small video games me and friends toyed with. The world existing in both a Medieval fanatsy form with magic and mystery and a sci-fi setting with a more political subterfuge/espionage feel.

Ok so with that little background you will know what I’m talking about when I reference it. Of course I wanted to set my games in this world and use the background I have built to help fuel the creativity and theme of the games.

This first game, Galaxy of Myth – which is still a working title – is set in the futuristic sci-fi setting and takes players into the role as a factions commander who is trying to claim new sectors of space as the people of Earth start to expand out into the frontiers of space.

A quick rules run down of which I will be doing a video of soon. Players started on a board made up of hex tiles and the players start in the corners of the board at the beginning of the game. Players have a choice to roll the die and move around the board and then scan an adjacent tile or they can drift into a sector of space and if that sector has any available resources they may collect two of those resources, if the player is already in a hex with resources available they can choice not to move at all and just collect two of those resources.

OK so I hope that came out OK and maybe you are interested in the game, now let me show you how the game has developed and it’s current state of being.


This was the original form of the game in it’s first prototype phase. It’s the classic print paper, no graphics were on the cards just what the card does and a little gimmicky line or two of text to tie the action into the theme. This version of the game allowed us to test the basic idea and whether it was worth following up again I will go into more detail with a follow up video.


I then went back to the drawing board after playing a few games with the original paper version. The opinions I had got on the paper version allowed me to implement some new rules and alter the style of the game. As you can see I added some graphics to the cards to give a better feel to the game, then got them printed by a local photo shop on some photo paper and backed them onto mounting card. This allowed us to get plenty of play test and some blind test in. This gave me the opinions and new ideas to implement – hopefully – the final stage.


As you can I redesigned the cards and did another paper print to test it out. This version of the game totally changed the core idea of the game from picking up station modules to picking up resources to build said modules, but this change felt really good. The change made the game a bit more strategic and competitive. So I implemented a new graphic style and made a cheap card version for – hopefully, hopefully – the final play testing.


The new version of the game uses 3D modelled art which I’m much more confident in than in 2D art so that already was ¬†much better. As you may be able to see the hexes are now asteroids that are mined for resources and the resources are little chits you build up to spend on building modules. So this version will take us onto as i previously said hopefully the final play tests (please let it be final tests!). I’m hoping to give a copy to Newark’s local gaming shops Reload Games (https://www.facebook.com/reloadgames) and Wildways (https://www.facebook.com/WildWaysNewark) along with Lincoln’s gaming shops (https://www.facebook.com/TheGamesStore) and Titan Games (https://www.facebook.com/TitangameslincolnStore).

So I hope you enjoyed this little look at the development of my first game, stay tuned for a video with a more in depth look at each step and then a rules video and preview of the game play.



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