First Video Game Project

So I have had a pretty big change in career path since my last post. I’m now studying Video Game Technology at the Confetti Institute for Creative Technology and I’m slowly building up a portfolio of my work.

This post is about the first the game I started shortly after beginning my course, most of the work was done on the train travelling back and forth to classes. As you can see in the video it is very rough around the edges and I’m OK with that as I’m trying to just keep challenging myself with new things and push forward with new projects to increase my knowledge of Unity and C#.


The game involves firing spears at targets, hitting a multicoloured target gains points, green targets add time and red targets remove time. It is obviously very rough, but taught me a lot about instantiating objects during run time, particle effects and using Time to control countdowns and spawn rates.

Overall it has been a very fun project and I would like to get it to the stage of completion which as you can see would require some creativity from some friends.

Please find below the games early iteration where the spears were charged by the length of time the mouse button was held down. Then also it’s earliest form where it was a classroom paper throwing game again using a charging mechanic, but also using a visual movement of the camera to simulate the charging of the throw.





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