A new direction, the final project

So my personal blog is getting revitalised this academic year as a development diary for my final project in my second year at Confetti’s Game Technology course.

I’m hoping to do little updates throughout the week to show the progress of all aspects of the game and possibly do a weekly sum up of the current progress along with showing the hack’n’plan chart of tasks completed and those yet to start.

I hope the diary will be usefully for others getting into game design and interested in learning more about the details of the individual processes that go into each aspect of game design and development.

Though the blog will of course still see smatterings of my other academic projects and any personal projects that crop up over the year. All in all I hope some part of this blog will be of use to others as well as myself.

As a little teaser for what to expect allow me to outline my final projects concept and whet your collective appetites:

Looking up at the starry night sky the stars twinkle gently in an almost galactic song sheet of notes playing out a wondrous tune, this night though one of these celestial notes decides to play to it’s own tune and shine brighter than any star has before. It’ moment of instant brightness vanishes as quickly as it arrived, but the star isn’t gone, it’s implosion seems to of projected it out of it’s heavenly seat and put it on a trajectory for Earth. The brightly burning star gets larger and larger, rivalling the Moon with it’s starlight. The star is almost definitely going to meet Earth, though what is it? A star? A colliding Planet? An Alien? Perhaps a little of all of these or maybe none.

I look forward to releasing more about this game soon,


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