Character Concept

I wanted the main character to stay a mystery and for players to not be sure who or what she (I say she, but it probably should be it) is.

I love the main character in Journey by ThatGameCompanybecause of the constant questions it brings up, and with only the smallest of hints as to who it is the player never really knows. Though I feel this gives the player a stronger connection as the character becomes more of the player than a fictional person.

ThatGameCompany, 2016.

As Raptured centers around the concept of the rapture, angels and the afterlife I felt I needed to play into the stereotypes associated with those; white clouds, angels in white robes and glowing light.

Image result for angels

Express, 2014.

To play into this ethereal, soft and gentle feel I wanted to couple the floating flying movement with a flowing robed character. This is when I found the PhysX Clothing plugin from Nvidia for Maya.

PhysX Clothing

Nvidia, 2016.

Using this tutorial for guidance on its use I hope to achieve a beautiful flowing character who is vailed by its robe, yet retains some real character through its delicate and wonderful flowing movement.

Tales of Nalstone, 2015.

I look forward to showing some concept images and tech demos.



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