How-To: Get a PS4 controller to work on your Gaming PC

So we were playing some PC games the other day and Adam has an Xbox360 wired controller hooked up to his computer. We started playing a game called SNOW ( which is a game in development on Steam that is going to be a Skiing/Snowboarding simulator basically. It is a great game that’s being frequently updated and we can’t wait for the full release.

Anyway I was jealous of the ease that Adam was pulling tricks off compared to me and my keyboard controls. So I decided I needed a pad and just as i glanced across the room saw my Dualshock 4 pad. So after a very brief search we found a simple tool to get it running.

Here’s a run down of how to set it up, or if you prefer a video version check this out ([youtube]

Also for Ubuntu users here is a tool to get it working for you (

First off download the 360 pad drivers and make sure to get the ones for your OS ( and install it following the steps in the wizard.

Then download the DS4 To XInput Wrapper from the PCSX2 forums courtesy of InhexSTER (, it is the first Zip file at the bottom of the post.

He also recommends you have these installed on your PC:

1. Microsoft .NET 4.0
2. Visual C 2010/2012 Runtime.
3. Latest DirectX Runtime.
4. Latest Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Drivers available.
5. Minimum of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Dongle (if using Bluetooth).
6. Administrator rights on your PC.
7. Make sure you quit all other apps/games that can use the controller

Once it is downloaded extract it somewhere sensible and open the folder. Inside you will see another folder called Virtual Bus Driver go into that and open the ScpDriver application, once that opens hit Install, this will take a few moments and then summarise with successes hopefully.

Now go back to the main folder of the DS4 Wrapper, there should now be more files in here than before. Now is the time to plug in your Dualshock 4 into your PC.

Once you are plugged in open the ScpDriver application, this will then activate the DS4 and bring it up in the list at the top, select it from here and you are done.

The DS4 is now usable as an xbhox360 controller in most games, you could try and map the keys how you like them with Joy2Key ( or a similar program.

Hope some of you find that useful, happy gaming!


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