What did you do this Christmas?

After having a small break from work over the Christmas period I then decided to take a break from University work and recharge by working on some of my own projects.

This time it involved revisiting the much loved survival sandbox type game. I have always had a love for the concept of a realistic game that leans more toward a simulation than game, but the issue that always arises is “When is too much realism not fun?” or “Does realism have a place in games?”, both of these questions are interesting ideas and will perhaps be the subject of a later post, as will a more detailed look at the project I started.

I also watched an interesting documentary on Minimalism and this inspired a game design idea that you can see more about in this post.

Before I knew it my time was nearly up and the beginning of another semester loomed, so back to hard work I went.

Now we are back and our first week is done and already we are pushing on with the final project and as you will see in the next few posts things are really moving forward.

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