Raptured Post-Christmas Update

A small update on progress of Raptured.

As you can see above I have now got a good foundation for the white box level and have started to move these boxes into 3DS Max to use as size guides to make the real models.

I used an average female human made in Make Human (http://www.makehuman.org/) as a guide for sizing along with the Unreal standard human.

I also made a start on one of the core parts of the game, the dialogue. The script itself isn’t very extensive but the amount of different voices and sound clips is going to be. Each piece of dialogue gives more hints toward the overall story and as such is quite vital they make sense, are short enough to hear all of of and are coherent with the rest to make a solid story.

In the coming week I hope to have the white box entirely populated and coloured to make it clearer and then to be well on the way to starting asset creation.


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