Whiteboard Kanban

Today I was hoping to get quite a few tasks done and get back on track with my HacknPlan.

2017-01-30 12_53_06-Program Manager.png

I should be modelling the elevator and the furniture, but because of my schedule upset because of the lightmap issues in Unreal I now only have a day to get on with the elevator and get stuck into the furniture.

The plan of action for today is to tie up the loose end jobs for the architecture and then get started making props for the reception room, which will give me a nice feel for how filled rooms need to be and it will give me a nice base of assets to spread across the other rooms.


I have decided to use HacknPlan as my macro project management and a kanban whiteboard to focus on the micro tasks such as each individual assets, this also gives me a nice tangible sense of progression.

The kanban board is a slight variation on the standard technique, but I will try it out and see how effective it is for my productivity.


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