Puzzle Bobble for supreme God head of the Universe


Wow I never realised how addictive Puzzle Bobble until no one would play against me today.

I literally got to the point of bargaining with doughnuts to get them to play a game.

Sadly when Ray finally carve he thrashed me two games to one! Which obviously made me want to play more and prove myself.

Though Ray had graciously retired from Puzzle Bobble, for about 5 seconds when he turned on the PS3 and started to play Bust a Move I.e. Puzzle Bobble.

After demonstrating my skills he then decided he would have a grand return for a final match. It was an epic battle of best of five Puzzle Bobbling.

He won round one and two, I thought this was it but just as my confidence faded the Puzzle Gods shined down on me and I pulled back the next two games.

Victory was in grasp, it all came down to a final bout between the masters of bobbling. Bang went my bubble, pop went Rays one round each and before we knew it we were playing the final round for supreme status ask Puzzle Bobble God.

Though the other Puzzle Gods cast a shadow over my fates and my greatest fears came true, Ray won!

I now have to spend my days in the shadow of Ray God of Puzzle Bobble never being able to challenge him for the title as he has retired from tournament play.

I shall forever be shamed!

Then again maybe I’m taking this all too serious as after all it is only a game lol.


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