Learning Japanese

Hey guys,

So I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a while now, I’ve found it quite difficult to get my head round the fact that you not only have to translate the words into English, but you also have to read the Hiragana, Katana and Kanji symbols and remember what each one stands for.

It has been a really tricky process, but I found a couple of useful bits, one for learning words and their meaning and one more on the writing side of things.

Here’s the first from Kia Learns Japanese blog, (http://kialearnsjapanese.blogspot.nl/2013/05/anki-how-to-set-it-up-to-learn-japanese.html) this post shows how to use a program called Anki (http://ankisrs.net/) to create flash cards. These are very useful for learning specific words or phrases and even learning the pronunciation of the Japanese characters.

The second is the from the Japan Guy blog (http://www.thejapanguy.com/category/japanese-language-basics/), here he gives a couple of articles on tips and tricks for remembering things and some advice on learning more. I found these very useful and presented really well.

The final really useful thing i have used and has helped me a whole lot is Tae Kim’s YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/taekimjapanese/playlists), here he does very short simple slideshow videos about pronuciation and the characters etc. He also gives resource sheets on his blog to practice writing. In his videos he often gives lists of example words or phrases that I found useful to stop the video and try and read them first yourself.

Anyway it is going to be a constant work in progress for me learnign Japanaese, but as I work in the game industry it feels like it would be a useful skills as so much of the industry works out of or is involved with japan.

Happy learning guys, sayonara.


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