Reload Games: Unboxing New Releases for 21/03/2014

Hey guys, so it’s that time again, New Release day.

This week is a pretty big one, we have what most people are considering the start of the Next-Gen with the arrival of inFamous Second Son. Though we can’t let this over shadow the other big game out this week, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, oh yes MGS is back and shinier than ever.


First off inFamous, wow is the first reaction I had. The game plays just as well as the others which is always a concern with sequels and especially since this one is crossing onto a new platform as well. Though right form the get go you are jumping around and being awesome straight away, I liked that the game skipped a formal tutorial and kind of just through everything at you in the first 10 minutes of the game. It doesn’t drag through as you get all your powers and learn how to use them, no this game assumes your awesome and gives you the powers to carry out that awesome. 

IMG_3272Before you know it you will be flying around smashing cars and towns and generally being Super, this is a must for any PS4 owner even if you’ve never play the previous ones.

Talking of which if you haven’t played inFamous 2 we picked up a few of the really nice Hero Editions of the game if you wanted to catch up before you move over to the PS4. These came with Special Ed. of the game,  Bonus DLCComicCole Figurine and Cole’s backpack!!

2014-03-22 13_24_20-friday21032014final.mp4 - VLC media player

Next we have Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (yes that ‘s’ on the end of zeroes is supposed to be there), this is a triumphant return for the franchise. So people may not be too pleased with just having a prologue and not the full game, but when you start playing you immediately realise these mission are quite in depth. Each mission has many ways to go through it and plenty of side objectives and almost funny challenges, like how far you can make an enemy fly.

I think although this game could probably be hammered through by MGS veterans in a few hours, it will give any fan plenty to get stuck into and of course whet their appetite for the upcoming full game. Well worth a play especially if you don’t own a PS4 and can’t play inFamous.


It’s not just about the next gen and big hitters this week, we also have Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Yaiba Ninja Gaiden z and The Witch and The Hundred Knight.

So if you want to relive or perhaps play for the first time some of the classic PS2 FF games then Final Fantasy X/X-2 maybe for you, or perhaps a bit of good old fashioned hack and slash with Ninja Gaiden or for the JRPG fans TWTHK (its a long title to type) might be right up your street.


Overall a really nice spread this week for all and definitely quite a lot to keep us going until next time.

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See you next time cheers.


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