CrazyBump is Crazy Awesome!

Throughout the texturing stages of this project I have been using CrazyBump to create normal maps and some specularity maps. This software can be downloaded from their website ( for a free 30 day trial.

The software is very powerful and requires no other applications to run. This post will be a quick demonstration of the power of the program.

After opening the program you can import in a diffuse height map or normal to create the other maps from. After importing you are given the option of the two directions of the red and green axis of the normal map.








Once imported you then get the live preview window and many options to adjust the map.

The program can also create specularity, displacement, occlusion and diffuse.

After adjusting the settings to suit all the maps can be exported or just the specific ones. This program has some great functionality and creates really high quality maps.

Previously I was using Photoshop’s built in normal map generate filter, but this often leaves bad seams around the image which ruins it’s tileability.

I hope this was useful,


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