Issue Package Project, and the Solution!

Ok so my finally project is just about complete and now I’m packaging it up so I can run it and test everything along with creating a few videos.

Sadly when I went to package the game it kept failing.

After checking the output log, it can be seen that the automated package tool failed and spat out an exitcode, initial it was a code 3.

After some research it turns out code 3 is to do with file path issues and apparently mine was to do with substance. Every time I loaded up the project it would say substance is required but not installed and so this was my first port of call. It turns out if you right click on your project file in windows explorer and open it in notepad you can see the plugins list on the project. As you can see below my list is now empty, but it did have substance listed, so a simple delete of the substance entry, avoiding not deleting the square brackets after plugin, fixed the exitcode 3 issue.

Now onto the next code that emerged, exitcode 5. This one I had no idea on and after some research everyone said start a new project. Luckily Unreal 4 is prepared for you to simply change project and keep your content. Simply right click your COntent folder and click ‘Migrate’, select the relevant new project directory and the content will be copied over and ready to use on the next boot up.

So all in all another set back, which I’ve got used to during this project, but luckily with a little research the project was quickly on its way to packaging.

Look out for more soon,


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