Changes since initial concept and goals for the future Beta

So now the project has reached its first milestone (aka. Submission). Many things have changed in the project from the initial concept and from the later stages of production.

Below details a few of the main parts that have changed.


The biggest change is from ‘Raptured’ to ‘The Ethos of Rapture’, this is to take away from the simple straight forward name of raptured which gave away the story too much, giving it the Ethos of Rapture makes it a more interesting name and suggests that it is only a concept of Rapture not entirely about it.

Player Movement

So in the original concept the player would float and fly through the scene to create an angelic ethereal feel for the player.

As you can see above the movement was created using velocity and force to simulate a gently natural movement. Sadly with the addition of a skeleton for the clothing physics this type of movement didn’t work and had to be changed to a more standard transform based movement method.

Cloth mechanic

The Angels style didn’t really change from the inital concept, what changed was the addition of cloth simulation by the use of the Nvidia PhysX SDK. this really brought the Angel to life.

This meant a change in the movement of the player. The Angel also now glows to indicate the power it has to do a blast and it also has particle effects for the blast attack and movement.


The Darkness instead of simply being a barrier as in the initial concepts now it is a fully AI controlled character that patrols, spots the Angel and steals souls from the Angel. When the Darkness is blasted it now also dissolves away.


Blasts now have a visual and audible trigger that opens doors and destroys the Darkness.


The Soul now have a proper texture and a particle effect that also emits light, select ones play pieces of dialogue.

Overall there has been a lot of changes to the game from initial concept and early prototypes, yet there is still work to be done.

The main goals include:

  • Improved floating movement
  • Improved Darkness model
  • More types of Darkness
  • Improved Darkness AI
  • More story and dialogue

These will be worked on for a final release.


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