Look back: Time management needed its own project management.

I thought it would be interesting to do a few posts looking back at the production of The Ethos of Rapture. Hopefully doing so will help me learn a few lessons for future projects and maybe give others an insight into some game development techniques.

Time management played a big part in this project, time was tight and since I was making and developing every aspect of the game it was vital I used my time well.

I implemented a HacknPlan account to help facilitate an online always accessible platform to keep myself on track. The use of milestones and their subsequent individual task made for a really nice overseeing view of the porject and how I would tackle it. I also found the Game Design Model feature really useful, it lets you create trees of scenes or location and then subsequent chapters or collections of work. So I set up a scene for each room and then a section for each aspect, 3D, 2D and programming. I then populated these with the individiual models or mechanics and used it as a glorified check list. Though it was nice to put all these ideas and thoughts to virtual paper.

The issue I found later with HacknPlan was that I had so many little tasks to do, that it actually became a project in itself to update and maintain all of them. Eventually I just used it for it’s Game Design tree and the milestone dates as more of a time tracker.

What really became useful was my Kanban whiteboard.

It allowed me to always have a physical presence at my desk that I couldn’t avoid or miss if I closed the tab in my browser.

I used the Kanban board in my own modified way, at the end of each day I would leave what hadn’t been finished and add anything that had come up over the course of the day, this meant the following morning I had a board of tasks ready to do.

I found this approach really useful and it allowed me to make quick notes or little reminders whenever I needed to.

Overall my time management wasn’t bad at all I managed to get the project completed on time and ahead of where I had hoped.


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