Preparing for the Showcase event

At the end of the academic year Confetti ( run a showcase for students to show off their work to the public and to members of the industry, this is obviously a really important day and over the last few weeks for the next week I will be working hard to have some amazing work to present and try to sell myself to any prospective employers.

One thing I have created for the showcase is a small card game based on The Ethos of Rapture. I thought this would be a nice touch to demonstrate my love for designing games and to show that my abilities are transferable between many mediums for gaming.

Below you will find a free print and play version of the card game. Simply print one page of Blast cards, one page of Suck cards and two pages of Soul cards. Read the rules and give it a go.

It is very short and sweet, but I hope it is a bit of fun, I look forward to any feedback.



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