Recreating Ark Survival Evolved AI Follow

I love Ark Survival Evolved, it’s a great concept and a fun game, but at times the AI (along with many other parts of the games programming) can feel as though it is working against you or even actively fighting you.

As such I wanted to see how hard it is to create the follow system they have in their game, and to see if I could do it any better.

So I began with a simple AI that moves around the map using Unity’s navmesh agent. If he is hit by a players raycast he is set as the following creature and will now move to the players location plus a buffer amount so he isn’t right on you.

There is also a button to Stop the AI, a button to send the AI to a specific point and stop there. These are all implemented in Ark and i felt I did a good job replicating them, but I could definitely see how the AI pathfinding could be difficult to make smart or feel very realistic.

What I did do was to add an extra feature where you could hit a button to make the AI pause at its current location until you told it to either stop or continue. This added a layer of control where you could pause the AI move your position and then continue, which caused the agents destination and as such their path to be recalculated to the more direct route to the player. This lets the player decide more on the AI route and less on hoping the AI will path find a sensible path.

Overall I was happy with my prototype and I will continue to try and add more to it, the first being support for multiple AI followers, which shouldn’t be to much more than adding an array of followers and then running checks on them.


Look out for more soon.


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