How-To: First Post – Fixing my Girlfriend’s Network Connection!

So my Girlfriend’s Desktop has been randomly booting up with no internet access, yet it is happily connected to the router.

After trying many things that have worked for me previously on other machines, I gave up and started trawling Google results for the answer.

I found a forum post over at Windows Secrets ( by Mercyh that gives a simple command that solved the issue immediately. So here it is for all to see, I hope it will help others with similar issues as this was a right pain and if it can save someone else the stress then I’ll be very pleased.

Ok, to do this you simply hit Start and go to Program Files and then to Accessories.

Once here Right Click  on Command Prompt and then select  Run as Administrator. This will open a command prompt with elevated privileges and allows us to run our simple command.

Now simply enter the following command and hit Enter:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.log

Restart the computer after this and it should be sorted. This seems to clear out one of the log files for the network and sorts whatever issue caused it.

As I said I hope that helps someone out there. Stay tuned for more helpful hints and How To’s, along with Gameplay videos, 3D Printing videos.

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Bye for now


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