Recomputed Play Minecraft #01


So I said I was going to try and just start doing videos and making more content and stop whining and making excuses not to do it.

Last night I decided to start recording myself and Adam playing Minecraft ( just as we started a new world. I didn’t tell him I was recording nor did I tell my girlfriend who was sat next to me. this may of been a mistake as Adam did go off on a few random side shoots and my girlfriend didn’t hold back when it came to laughing at our misfortune in the game, along with that she sang a fair few Disney songs so I hope you enjoy that if you can hear her.

So about this new game. We decided to play a simple Vanilla world and set the game to Hard and see how we could do. Adam also decided that we should try and find a Village, so we set up a small base camp and got some starting resources.

After a few minutes we both set off in opposite directions to find a Village, we soon realised this wasn’t a good plan as if one of us were to find a Village the other would have to run all the way to the others position. But never the less we continued on.

Gathering materials and kill animals as we went, we even began to start doing funny voices to pass the grindingly slow running. After a while we found deserts and plains and continued to explore, though it turned out my greatest enemy wasn’t a mob in the game, but the glass of drink I knocked flying off my desk. After I had vanquished that foe the running continued.

Eventually I found a beautiful location with an above ground waterfall and lava fall side by side, I took a screenshot or two and continued up to the lava to camp. Though lying in wait was a spider who with a few simple jumps took my life. The best part of an hours running and collecting lost.

Though I wasn’t down hearted for long I soon regrouped and set off again, this time it wasn’t long until I found another great location with plenty of resources around. Just as I rose over a hill there it was a Village! I’d found it and in three times less running than before.

So Adam made his way to join me and I started to hide and gather some resources during the night. Then something amazing happened, I found an Emerald! The first Emerald I have ever found which I know sounds like I’ve not really played the game, which to be fair isn’t far off I don’t often get lots of Minecraft time, but never the less I found one.

When Adam finally arrived I tried to use the Emerald with the Villagers, but their offers were of no interest to me. so we discussed our plan for the Village and our future in Minecraft which drew this first video to a close.

I hope you enjoy watching the video, sorry there is so much running I couldn’t decide whether to leave it in or cut it out and simply have a kind of ‘highlight’ reel of the funny moments of our game. Please let me know what you think and how I should change the format.

Cheers guys,


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