My First Print on my 3D Printer!!

Woo hoo, finally made it!


I’ve finally finished my 3D printer and have printed my first item. It’s supposed to be a 10mm cube, it might not be 10mm or particular straigth and level, but you know what I’m proud of it!

2014 - 1

I printed this in PLA using Repsnapper, so tomorrows project is to try out Cura and maybe Pronterface. Then loads of playing with settings such as resolution, supports and speed.

It’s pretty exciting even though it’s just a tiny cube, I’m still really pleased with my build and can’t wait to get going with some more impressive prints.

I’ll be doing regular posts on my printing life so stay tuned!

Cheers guys,

4 responses to “My First Print on my 3D Printer!!”

  1. Calibration cube. Good luck!

    • bugsy6 says:

      Thanks, it has not gone well. I went back to try and calibrate better and as such have totally messed it up. Now my cube is simply a pile of pla.

  2. So just to see where you are at. Are you using anything to help the 1st layer stick properly to the print bed (blue tape, elmers glue, hairspray etc). Have you leveled your bed, and have you tried a couple different temp settings?

    • bugsy6 says:

      I am using glue stick for the first layer. I’ll check bed level tonight. I’ve tried a few temps but can’t decide on what to go with.

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