Below are some videos of my personal prototype projects that I have used to practise programming and game design. Please check out my blog for more in depth looks at some of my work in more complete forms:

Realistic Item and Equipment Management

In this small project I tried to create a more realistic way of carrying a real world amount of equipment.

Being able to handle equipment in both hands along with holsters at the sides. The backpack is required to be in hand to actually collect items into it.

Production time: approx. 4 hours.

Spear Throwing Game

A small project I worked on in the first few months on my course at Confetti. It started life as the paper throwing game, but expanded to a more appealing theme.

It’s design is targeted toward mobile/touchscreen devices.

Production time: approx. 8 hours.

Radar World Space UI

This project was simply to test out the World Space UI in Unity Engine .

I learnt a great deal about UI and world space in this project and it is a mechanic I would definitely like to use in the future in a space/flight project.

Production Time: approx. 4 hours.

Down, Down Game

Another game I made during the first few months of Confetti.

This game was inspired by a Game Design seminar about Tetris.

Production Time: approx. 4 hours.


Paper Throwing Game

This was my very first game in Unity. The game helped me learn about rigidbodys and collisions in Unity Engine.

I showed it to a few indie developers at Confetti Industry week 2016 and was well received.

Production Time: approx. 8 hours.


Amber’s Adventure Whitebox

This is a sample video of my first year final project at Confetti. It shows the game in the white box stages of development.

This porject helped me learn about AI and Navmeshes in Unity Engine.

Production time: approx. 16 hours.


Dropfleet Commander Tracker

A simple tracker using Unity’s UI systems, requested by a friend.

Gave me some good experience working with UI elements in code.

Production time: approx. 2 hours.